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A lot of marketers put in a lot of time, money, and effort generating traffic to their site. But that’s the easy part.

More traffic isn’t always the answer. Not all the time, anyway.

The challenge is how you can convert that traffic into a conversion rate optimization that’s effective.

What Is Website Conversion?

A conversion happens when a visitor in your site completes a desired action, whether it’s filling up a form, doing social media shares, signing up a newsletter, or completing a purchase.

The total number of visitors that convert is your conversion rate. Site conversions are a crucial factor with any type of marketing strategy because getting users to do what you want them to do is essential for every business.

To achieve better conversions in your site, you first have to know what it is you want your site to achieve for your business. You also need to work with one of the best conversion rate optimization services in the industry.

How To Measure The Conversion Rate?

Now, to measure your site’s conversion rates, divide your conversions with the number of website visitors. Once you have the result, multiply it by 100.

To help you bag more conversions, we’ve put together a couple of tips and ideas that will boost, and help you bag more conversions to your site.

conversion rate optimization services

1. Calls To Action

A call-to-action or a CTA refers to a link or button which directs visitors to take action. One way to improve your conversion rates is to experiment with various CTAs. You can vary not only with its position on the page. You can also test a new icon or CTA text.

When you test your CTAs in your site pages, you’ll know how much impact a couple of words can have to help you improve your bottom line. A meaningful, well-targeted CTA can drastically improve your website conversions.

2. Skimmable Page

Notice how you skim a blog post. Chances are, you only read the headings, right? Yet, you still walk away with the main points.

Each page on your site should be able to accomplish this. Most users just skim content, and they don’t read word by word.

Another way to make your page skimmable is to come up with shorter paragraphs. Then, break them up into lists and images. Ideally, try to stay away from big chunks of texts that are hard to read.

3. Start A Blog

Blogging is your key to internet marketing. You could write anything related to your products and industry. Don’t hesitate to add in loosely related topics to the mix as well.

For example, if you sell women’s jeans and apparel, it’s also likely that your target customers are interested in fashion accessories. Remember to be creative with your content. Just don’t stray too far, otherwise, you won’t be able to get back to your product.

Publishing high-quality blog posts on your site make it easier for your site to be found on search engines. So, when your prospects are searching for solutions, they’ll go to your site instead of heading off to your competitors.

4. Highlight The Site’s Credibility

To make your site more credible, you have to accurately verify the information you have on your site.

You can also provide third-party support in the form of testimonials, citations, source material, and articles from well-known publications. For each information, you present, think of it as your evidence.

You can also showcase that honest and trustworthy people are behind your site. You can look for a way to convey this trustworthiness through various texts and images. You can display employee photos and bios as well.

5. Include A Video

Humans are highly visual learners. Do you know that  64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they watch a video of it?

Moreover, webpages that have videos generate more engagement. While the average amount of time a user spends with a text and image-based site lasts only about 43 seconds, for webpages that include a video, the average visit lasts about 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

If you have a service or product that’s more complex, then adding a video makes it clear to your prospects, which will, in turn, build trust.

6. Show Social Proof

No one wants to be the first to try out a particular product or service. You can place your customers’ minds at ease by providing them with positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

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