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In the world of digital marketing, content marketing plays a pivotal role in various segments of Business to business (B2B) companies worldwide. Content Marketing Strategies used to bridge the salespeople, marketing people, and the targeting audience on a single platform that enhances the ROI of any company.

Let’s explore!  How to build the best content marketing strategy?

Today, I will brief you a marketing model that improves and generates more leads for your B2B. Let us try to ride into it. We need to specify two types of content model that are “Hub model” and “Spoke model”. Hub contents are primary content, which needs innovative research, the large pool of resources, and it needs to fill the form to access the content. While Spoke content used to ramp up your traffic and bring quality traffic or lead to your hub content.

Examples of Hub content:

  • Ebooks
  • ROI studies
  • White papers
  • Key webinars
  • The large company hosted events
  • Analytics and research report

Examples of Spoke content:

  • Articles creation and publishing
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Smaller webinars
  • Case studies

Major Steps that is important to build B2B Content Marketing Strategy:

Content Marketing Services

Understand your objectives:

Major things that come into your mind like customer behaviour, Support team objectives, marketing team goals, brand awareness, company image makeover, increase brand loyal followers, generate more and more leads and improve loyalty. B2B organization uses content as a marketing tool to get a large customer base, push profits, cost-effective to get more ROI.

To whom you refer?

To get an audience from the digital world is not an easy task that’s why B2B organizations are building valuable relationships that turn the audience into customers. Some of the awesome tools to identify and understand your prospective customers are:

  • Microsoft Excel: Create a wonderful and exiting database of prospective customers by using spreadsheet formulas and macros.
  • Google Keyword Search Tool – You Can analyse and find different words searched by buyers frequently realted to your niche based on your location (keyword density and its proximity).
  • Google Search Console – Can analyze activities carried on each page of your website.
  • Google Analytics – Can get a comprehensive report on web traffic.
  • Other tools – HubSpot, Personapp, and Streamliner.

Consistency matrix

Content regarded as “king” when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Best way to get the desired result is to develop valuable and consistent contents that meet your high level of expectations. Marketing professionals need appealing, value-rich contents in prescribed words with all kinds of keyword research based on the search made by a different user on the search engine.

Creating demand, landing page, search engine ranking, thanking-you page, why some websites never elevate there. B2B websites experience visitors who land on service page are 50 times more likely to become your customer. Last but not the least the content strategy also empowers SEO and link authority while publishing various content. Marketers, who document their mission statements are two times more likely to succeed.

B2B needs special focus on content:

  • Include special offers
  • Giveaways
  • Option for Share and encouragement
  • Freebie
  • Signups
  • Categorized objects
  • Synchronized way of presentation
  • Eye-catching
  • Social media presentation
  • Search engine relevant

B2B organizations are the organization believes more in building customers relation than B2C. Consequently, the contents must build a long-term relationship with the clients. Contents with better representation enable the marketing team to get more leads and a win-win situation for both the parties.

Content Distribution Strategy

Effective content distribution strategies enable the B2B organization to meet its business goals. Market segment and different verticals of business have different content distribution networks and they work accordingly as per their requirements. Content distribution tactics used on different platforms:

Podcast and webcast:

Through these means, many online marketers use proactive contents that directly nurture the way to penetrate the different verticals of industries and clientele. Example of one onone interview, fiction storytelling, repurposed content, notification narrative training, guest interview training (Panel), music jingle, detail episode online, the bulletin point approach, word for word script, and sponsor message.

 Contents with paid distribution:

For new events or campaign, one should go for paid distribution channels to target fresh leads. Nowadays, people are using advertisement Networks such as

  • Google AdWords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Microsoft adCenter

Social Media Marketing:

Some of the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram whichallow the organization to run social network platforms to get new customers and it also assists the customer to get innovative ideas to run ads for the targeted audience.


It is a very effectual and assiduous way to get an audience by just sharing the contents. Inviting a new prospect or to sharing and liking the contents will assist the audience to get empowered contents that laterally improve their knowledge and ultimately benefit organization credibility.

Brand Management through contents:

B2B marketers use brand management practices through marketing collaterals, infographics, image management, flyers and landing pages.

Organic means of marketing:

In this kind of distribution, there is no need to spend on campaigns and this eventually saves your time and money by just promoting through emails, social media, and phone calls. When it comes to the top-performing organizations, an eighty-eight percentage of marketers are regularly tracking their Content Marketing Services progress and documenting them in folders to get a higher return of investment.

Accountability of your Content marketing strategy:

Justification and accountability is a very important step to get the desired results. The content strategies either it is paid or organic it must be accountable when it comes to generating leads and enhancing customer’s base. Accountability matrix is used in such a way that it resembles the thorough knowledge of data and its analytics in a very lucrative way.


A long-term vision or a roadmap that needs a strategic implementation of contents (its ins and outs) to generate leads, enhance customer’s base, and gradually increases the ROI. The contentscreated should be engaging, helpful, comprehensive, thinking out of the box, and fits the larger audience.

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