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Media planning is an essential part when you are shifting your marketing strategy online. YouTube is a prominent video search engine with terabytes of content. You may not find it astonishing to see that around two billion people access the videos every month from different parts of the globe. 

Given the massive audience presence, it will help any business, regardless of the size, volume, sales, and product, to target the required audience with ease. That said, YouTube paid promotion is what makes the entire process effective. With several ad formats available and the customization procedure, it will be easy to target the audience and achieve a high success conversion rate. 

Definition Of Paid Promotion

When you have an idea or content to target your audience, media marketing is the right selection. Although there are several media platforms to achieve success, selecting YouTube is your solution. Why? Because of the diverse audience, it caters to and the ever-increasing subscriptions to channels. 

You can promote your product and exposure to your company through paid promotion. Paid promotion is the way through which you will place your advertisement to the audience who are likely to buy or make a purchasing decision. 

With the increasing content marketing and social media platforms, choosing paid promotion is the answer to stand against the competition. However, not every business can opt for the procedure due to insufficient funds. In such an instance, one can decide the daily budget they are willing to spend and go with a pay-per-view option to increase the chances of placing the ad towards the right customer/customers. 

Ad Formats

YouTube promotion cost works differently than a regular media campaign. With different formats available, you will have complete control over the settings. It is in your hands to make your advertisement stand out from the rest to capture the attention of consumers. Plus, the diverse options allow you to experiment with the formats, collect data, and see overall performance. 

Bumper Ads:

Bumper Ads are hot and helps for targeting the audience who are on-the-go with their mobiles. The advertisements are short and last merely six seconds. Therefore, it is imperative to deliver the message within such a short period. If your company has a marketing team and can create in-house videos, then it is time to get innovative and create short videos that send the right message. 

If you are not sure about creating such ads or have no prior experience, hiring a reputed marketing agency is preferable. They have the team, expertise, and tools to make the video. The cost will vary according to the ad that you want to create. The standard videos fall under the $300 category, while the premium videos require you to spend around $600 for a website. 

Creating three to five videos helps promote your business through YouTube and target the audience. The combination of the videos will help users understand the larger story you deliver through the short videos. 

According to Google’s statistics, six out of every ten bumper ads created brand awareness with an average lift percentage of 10%. 

YouTube Advertising Cost


Google Preferred: 

When you choose Google Preferred advertisements, learn that they are non-skippable ads with a run-time of 20 seconds. The time variation changes according to the market, country, and target audience. Google designed it such that it matches the viewer’s content on a mobile. The more extended version of your advertisement allows you to send a clear message about your product/service to customers. 

TrueView InStream:

YouTube paid promotion helps you target audience who are ready to make a purchase. It allows them to decide instantly. Moreover, you will find potential customers interested in your company and the products you are offering. You can choose TrueView InStream ads if you want to connect with the audience at a deeper level. The videos are lengthy and provide a chance to captivate the audience.

According to a study conducted by Google for 89 brands in the USA alone, customers who watched TrueView InStream ads for more than 30 seconds visited the channel, subscribed, watched more videos, and shared. 

Therefore, you can capture the attention of the audience who are likely to be your customers. It will increase your ROI, boost revenue, and exposure of your company across the globe. To capture the attention and continue engaging the audience, the first five seconds of the video are crucial. These five seconds matter the most because it is the point where they click on the “Skip” button. 

TrueView Reach:

TrueView Reach is an enhancement to the InStream advertisement format. It helps in optimizing the impressions rather than views for a more defined marketing outcome. The procedure will help the message you want to share with the people in an extended manner, while CPM takes care of the billing. 

TrueView Action:

TrueView Action is for off-YouTube action that allows your brand to have the needed audience/customers to meet the goals. It uses “Learn more” and “Buy Now” buttons embedded within the video. It makes customers act right away! Choosing this is valuable when you know that the targeting audience is the end of the marketing funnel and are ready to buy your product. 

TrueView Discovery:

TrueView Discovery is a small thumbnail showcasing your video along with a text. When a user clicks it, the video plays on YouTube or the company’s channel. Google will charge when viewers watch the video. 

Now that you have precise knowledge about the different ad formats, try experimenting with each of them to make the platform’s best use. You can gather a broader audience with each of the forms catering to different groups. YouTube promotion cost will change according to the formats you selected for your campaign. Make sure that you have everything ready before you pick the options. 

Campaign Objective

Although advertisements ensure to target audience, it is the content that helps you connect with them. Ensure to begin your ad with a clear objective. You have to understand your goals at different stages to tell your audience about the creative execution of your products/services. 

Three Objectives: 

  • Awareness: It helps in creating the needed attention for a new product launch. The goal here is to ensure that customers can recognize your brand immediately after they watch the advertisement. You can opt for Google Preferred, Bumper Ads, and TrueView Reach. 
  • Consideration: The phase focuses on driving the audience to purchase your product. It works simultaneously with the awareness program. People will buy what you are offering after viewing the advertisement. You can choose TrueView InStream, TrueView Impact, and TrueView Discovery. 
  • Conversion: It is the final phase where people buy your product. Customers will visit your website or online store to buy what you are offering after watching the video. The best bet here is TrueView Action. 

Targeting Methods

YouTube paid promotion helps your company or brand receive tremendous exposure within a short period. As you use media marketing to launch products and target the audience, you are bound to enjoy benefits upon using the right implementation method. 

After choosing the video format, it is time to focus on targeting methods. These help you concentrate on a particular group, region, religion, and so on. 

  • Demographics: You can choose the age, gender, income, and parental status
  • Affinity Audience: Passionate people fall in this category who find topics relevant to your product attractive. YouTube gives you access to more than 100 affinity audience groups. 
  • Custom Affinity Audiences: You can create a tailor-made affinity group related to your product. For instance, you can create a custom affinity rather than reaching out to movie lovers and target romantic couples. 
  • In-Market Audience: You can find people who are actively searching for information or content relevant to your product or service. 
  • Video Remarketing: You can use to reach customers based on their previous interaction with YouTube and the videos they watched. You can use AdWords to look at customers who viewed your advertisement and have not yet purchased your product or service. 
  • Placements: You can use it to target channels, websites, apps, and posts within websites. 
  • Topics: You can target the audience based on the topics one is searching for and is relevant to what you are providing. Using it will help reach a broader audience in the form of videos, channels, and websites. 
  • Keywords: You will use keywords as the primary criteria to place your ad. 

Next Step

YouTube promotion cost will change according to the different factors discussed here. The amount that you are willing to spend depends on your company. Depending on the size and target audience, you can choose the limit as your daily budget for media marketing. 

Video marketing requires experience and professionals. Suppose you do not have the team or no experience in handling such a process. In that case, it is advisable to consult an expert or a reputed agency that works in the best interest and gives you the results for the money that you are spending to take your brand out into the market. 

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