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As of this writing, Facebook has around 2.8 billion monthly active users globally. Thus, it only makes sense to promote your business on this platform.

Are you wondering how to get started? Here are seven Facebook marketing opportunities that you should leverage:

1. Facebook Business Page

When you start social media marketing for small businesses, you begin by having a Facebook business page before anything else. A Facebook business page can be an effective marketing tool.

For one, it opens your business up to many opportunities and reaches a lot more customers through Facebook.

What’s more, is that starting a Facebook business page won’t even cost you any money. It’s free for everyone.

Running a Facebook business page allows you the chance to have an avenue where you can post all about your business. This includes inspirational, informational, and educational content that resonates with your target market.

Having a Facebook page also enables you to build a community around your brand. What’s more, your Facebook business page can also serve as your digital headquarters in the place of a website if you don’t have one yet. It will show up on search engines and is a great way to store information about your business.

That said, it would be a mistake not to have a Facebook business page in this day and age. Mind you, even with a limited budget, starting a Facebook business page is no issue for small businesses.

2. “Call Now” Feature

As of the third quarter of 2019, there are 2.45 billion Facebook app users. Hence, it also makes sense to target mobile users when running a social media marketing services company in India.

Luckily, Facebook has a “Call Now” feature. It is a call-to-action button that you can set up on your Facebook.

The beauty of such a feature is that Facebook app users can call you straight from the app. All they need to do is tap the Call Now button. And you can also use the same CTA button on your Facebook ads.

With the “Call Now” button, people who browse through Facebook and see your ad can contact you without so much as blinking. That’s because the Call Now button is easily accessible on their phone. They can connect with you and transact with your business at the touch of a button.

This simple change of a call to action might not seem like a big deal, but multiple benefits come with settling on the correct call to action.

A CTA helps your customers know what to do next after reading through or observing your ad. It helps them realize what the next step is for them.

Moreover, a CTA is a final touch that can grab the attention of whoever sees your ad. This explains why you might find a change in the number of conversions your ad has with the right CTA.

3. Facebook Ads

Although getting organic traffic is always something that you would welcome, it can be challenging to achieve it. That’s because you are not the only one running an online advertisement.

But what’s great about digital advertising is that it helps even out the playing field a bit more, especially for those with smaller businesses.

Traditional advertising avenues, like TV, radio, and billboards, can be expensive. Plus, your target market can easily ignore these channels. It’s as simple as switching to another show during a commercial break.

On the other hand, Facebook advertising allows you to target the right people at the right. Moreover, you are only required to pay when someone clicks your ads. This makes Facebook ads cost-effective and budget-friendly.

Facebook marketing agency

You can set your budget, and then once you run out of that budget, your ads stop running.

With Facebook ads, your business can reach people outside of the ones who are following your Facebook business page. Another great thing about digital advertising is that you can track all sorts of details about your advertising efforts. You can target the right audience and figure out which ads are most effective and which aren’t.

Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t have control over who gets to see your ads or not. So those who aren’t a part of your customer base will receive that ad.

4. Facebook Messenger

Another great thing about running a Facebook marketing campaign is that you can get closer to your customer base. That means that you get a more instantaneous and robust conversation with them.

One of the avenues that Facebook provides for you to talk to your customers’ needs and wants is through Facebook Messenger. Through Messenger, you get to have another avenue for customer service. That because it allows you to directly and quickly address your customers’ concerns

Moreover, Facebook Messenger allows you to establish two-way communication with your customers.

And while responding to messages can be cumbersome, you might want to leverage Messenger’s autoresponders. Another way is to use chatbots as your first life of customer service defense.

5. Facebook Groups

Your tribe is what can set you apart from the competition. For one, it is easier to promote your business to people who believe in your brand.

In relation to this, it is more affordable to market with your existing customers and audience than acquire new ones.

On Facebook, the best way to start a community is through Facebook Groups. Creating content that they like and is aligned with your brand identity is how people get the chance to resonate with you. When they resonate with your branding, they can become brand advocates even without asking them to do it for you.

With Facebook pages, it becomes more natural for you to build that community with your loyal customers.

6. Content Marketing on Facebook

Content marketing is the key to spreading the word about your business. It helps brand you into an authority figure and build trustworthiness and create a positive impression on people.

Unlike advertising, content marketing is a great way to get the word out there for your business. It also helps you expand your market reach and increase your referral traffic from Facebook to your website.

With that said, outside of your website, Facebook is one of the best ways to share content aligned with your branding strategy. By creating compelling and relevant content for your audience, you compel them to spread the word about your business. That’s because you bring value to them for free with your content.

7. Facebook Check-In

If you have a physical location or don’t, Facebook Check-In is one method to recommend your business. This feature on Facebook is excellent for companies with a physical location.

When customers go to your business and post about it on social media, they get the option to share where they’re staying. That’s where the Facebook Check-In feature comes in handy because it’s your customers sharing their experiences in your business.


There are plenty of social media marketing opportunities that you can try on Facebook. That’s because it is one of the most popular social networks and provides you with the features you need.

If you want to grow your business, Facebook can be one of your best bets. And we suggest making the most of the marketing features and opportunities listed above to maximize this social network.

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