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The possibilities when it comes to voice search technology are practically endless. With it taking off, one thing is clear: People are drawn to home assistant devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo. 

More than ever, voice search is changing how people look and find brands they wanted to interact with. That’s why businesses need to develop a reliable voice search technology and incorporate it into their digital marketing efforts.

Without a doubt, it will continue to be a technology that will only become more popular. This allows you to enhance customer experience, drive traffic to your site, and help you get ahead of the competition. 

In this post, we will walk you through the seven simple reasons you should invest in voice search marketing: 

1. Voice search will continue to grow

Technology is continually changing as social media and smartphones have become a mainstay in people’s lives. The same thing goes for voice technology. 

In fact, in the US alone, there are already about 45 million voice-assisted devices. Last year, screen browsing accounted for almost 30 percent of the total browsing, while 50% were done through voice technology. 

For businesses who want to stay relevant, it’s a must to incorporate voice search marketing into their current digital marketing efforts.

2. Voice search is convenient for customers

Voice search makes it so much easier for customers to search the web. 

That’s because it takes lesser time on their part to ask right out a question instead of typing it on search. Although it isn’t perfect, it improved significantly, year after year, and will only continue to grow. 

Sixty-five percent of consumers ages 25-49 will be using voice-search activated devices at least once a day. 

Meaning, voice search can help users look for items quickly. They cal also use it to take notes, write emails, send text, and more. 

Someone doesn’t have to insert a keyword anymore to pick an item from a long list. Instead, they’ll be using voice search to save time. 

3. Voice search improves customer satisfaction

The heart of your business is your customers. You want to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

That way, they’ll pick your business over your competitors and keep coming back for more. 

Voice search enhances your customers’ experience with your brand. 


Reasons You Should Invest in Voice Search Marketing


That’s because it gives your audience access to get to that information quickly and easily. Remember that people are always on the go in today’s world, and utilizing voice search makes their lives so much easier. 

They don’t have to type a search query to look up specific information. All they need to do is ask Google a question, and they will receive an answer. 

It also offers hands-free searching, allowing users to multi-task or ask questions even if they’re in the middle of something. When you show them valuable answers, then their entire experience with your brand is so much better. 

Voice search offers your audience an easy way to access information, offering a more positive experience. 

4. Drives in traffic to your site and business

Initially, you might not think that voice search can drive your business traffic, but it does. 

When a user uses voice search, the device will give them a link to your site and then gather information from one of your pages. These leads can then get information on your site and learn more about what you have to offer.

If users are looking for more information or want to review a couple of steps again, they’ll be provided with a direct link to your site. This helps drive traffic to your website. 

Voice search encourages users to visit your business as well. Do you know that 55% are using voice search to find local companies? If you want to drive local traffic, then you should adopt voice search optimization. 

5. It can affect your SEO 

If you’re using search engine optimization, then it’s worth noting that voice search impacts your site’s SEO as well. 

Voice search is changing the way people search and come across your website online. 

When conducting a voice search, their device will gather information from a featured snippet on the search results. Data shows that 50% of voice search results rely on featured snippets to provide users with the information they need. 

How does this affect your site’s SEO, precisely? When you optimize your site’s pages, you should make it at least featured snippet worthy. 

Appearing on a featured snippet is excellent for your SEO campaign. That’s because users will be likely to click on a featured snippet if it seems at the very top of search results and answer their inquiries directly. 

Voice search optimization allows you to show on more featured snippets, letting you drive more traffic to your site. 

6. It enhances mobile app boundaries

When you compare it to desktops and laptops, using mobile devices is a lot more convenient due to it’s smaller screen size. 

Through voice search, the smaller screen of your mobile device wouldn’t be a limitation. This is because voice search features allow you to expand your mobile app’s capabilities significantly. 

7. It lets you get ahead of the competition

Let’s say that your competitors have a voice search strategy, and you don’t. There’s a great chance that they’ll be found on search results. That’s because they incorporated competitive SEO strategies like voice search.

As of now, voice technology is still new. Thus, not a lot of brands have adopted it. This provides you a perfect opportunity to get a headstart and rise above your competition. 

The Bottomline

As online marketing has become more and more competitive throughout the years, it is vital to stay on top of things. This includes knowing how you can make the most out of the latest technologies, like voice search. 

Voice search is something that you should ignore. More so if your competitors are using it. 

It is a great tool to boost your business’s online visibility, and it also allows you to create an enhanced customer experience. As a result, you will quickly enhance brand recognition and increase your sales and revenue in the long run. 

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