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Ever since the evolution of technology and its use in the market industry, it has undergone numerous innovative developments. Every brand requires its product to rank number one in the market and to achieve their target; they try various marketing strategies to be successful. From using infographics to colourful videos to be posted on multiple marketing platforms, they take advantage of the digital platforms to make their way to the top of the hill.

Marketing can get tricky with time. New strategies and trends being introduced every passing day, it is essential for the marketers to keep an eye on the changing conditions to stay ahead of their competitors.

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With the constant change in the search engine algorithms and the decreasing value of traditional SEO, businesses and industries are willing to add a competitive edge to their brand by acquiring new Digital Marketing Company trends to get the word out of their brands. Even if you are a renowned business owner, not adapting to the changing trends of the market can result in decreased leads, and you’re likely to lose the customers to the competition.

Animation and digital marketing

Among all the digital marketing tactics, one of the most effective and rapidly growing marketing trends that businesses are hastily adopting for business promotion is video marketing and animations. It has become the next big thing in the digital world. Animated videos are capable of helping businesses and industries break new grounds in reaching out to their potential audience.

The audience loves to hear stories. Video marketing provides an opportunity for marketers to tell their story to potential customers and influence their decisions to take action. Having an animated video can attract the audience and communicate your business message in a creative and entertaining way. It gives the marketers and chance to communicate with the audience and influence them to become regular customers.

How to use animation in digital marketing?

To begin with video marketing, it is crucial to crafting a creative video animation, a GIF or a postcard to match your target audience. In order to be successful, you can take the help of a Video Production Company to get a creative business video or do it yourself using an online animation tool. However, it is essential to understand the basic needs of the audience as well as your business goals to be successful at attracting your audience. It is important to cover all media platforms to engage a broader spectrum of people to your brand.

Let’s look at some places where you can use animations to improve your digital marketing.

1. Website

If smartly done, interactive animations, GIFs, and videos can be more appealing for the audience visiting your site. Clickable images that take the user from one page to another, talking heads and 3D animated products invite the people to explore your website, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Animations keep the audience engaged result in a better return on investment. The animations used on the website makes it easier for the visitors to navigate through the website and finally make a purchase.

2. Paid advertisements

Being in business, it is likely that you are aware of the many ways an organization can run paid advertisements. Some of the most common paid advertising platforms are search engines such as Google and Bing. Google provides marketers with an option to run paid video advertisements on YouTube. With the help of pre-rolled video ads, you have a particular audience and can cater to a specific demographic.

Another accessible space for paid advertising is social media sites such as Facebook. Using a plain ad into a video ad can help in getting the attention of the viewers to your brand.

3. SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation, which can help in improving the search engine results organically. This can be done with careful research for keywords, frequent content creation that is relevant and crafting a website to link back the keywords. On the other hand, you can use video content on your website. One reason for this is because Google loves videos and can help in gaining better ranking.

Apart from using videos at your landing pages, you can also use the videos at Blog posts and more. However, it is essential to include a keyword in the description, title and tags when you upload it at YouTube. Doing this earns you extra SEO points.

4. Direct emails and newsletters

Email marketing is also a big part of the marketing world. Instead of using paragraphs to explain your services, think out of the box and choose video animations and animated GIFs to showcase what do. However, the only issue that can occur with integrated email animation is its compatibility with the user’s device and software, the downloading time and end-user demographics.

5. B2B presentations

Every business organization has meetings and discussions where they discuss the different ideas, share PowerPoint presentations and stats in a presentation of a thousand words to the client or investor. These meetups are known to be very intimidating unless they are about something like the entertainment industry. Using animations to present ideas doesn’t only showcases the presenter’s creative and out of the box thinking, but it also keeps the investors and clients alert throughout the meeting. Not just that, it also explains the difficult concepts and ideas in simple formats, unfolds how the product will look once finished as well as how your system works and your aims and business visions in a creative manner.

There are many ways in which animations can be a beneficial digital marketing campaign. However, it is essential to understand the needs of the audience before planning a video marketing campaign. Once you have every aspect of your business in place, craft an original animated video and to help lift your digital marketing off the ground. So if you haven’t thought of animations as a compelling marketing tactic, it is high time to use the benefitting marketing campaign to influence the decisions of the audience.

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