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With the development of the society and the technical backgrounds, newer and enhanced forms of marketing strategies and policies are introduced in society for upgrading the standards of digital marketing. Unlike the past, when the marketing and the ranking of the websites depended on the links availed by the websites, a variety of factors plays a significant role nowadays in the case of the ranking of the websites. This is the reason that newer and better strategies are developed everyday to assist the website developers under the guidance of SEO. The Link Building Services are planning out new strategies for the betterment of the websites in terms of the rankings. Links still matter a lot, but many other factors have contributed significantly in the rankings of a proper website.

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Factors Affecting the Rankings of a Website

Apart from the links, there are quite a number of factors which is dominating the path of the ranking of the websites. Some of the significant factors are mentioned below:

1. The Basic Algorithm of the Websites:

Needless to say that algorithms play a pivotal role in the development of a website. It is very much necessary to maintain a quality algorithm to achieve quality SEO rankings. Apart from the effective backlinks, the implementation of the complex and quality algorithms plays a pivotal role in the promotion of the ranking of the website in a whole new manner.

2. Trustworthy Character of the Backlinks:

Though the back-links are effective in the promotion and the ranking of the websites, some of the backlinks are specified and marked as spams by Google due to some kinds of disturbing contents. So, in terms of the backlinks and the other links of the website, it is very much necessary to opt for the trust-worthy and effective links.

3. Quality Blogging of the Websites:

Blogging and contents are one of the vital components of the website. The rankings of the websites are dependent on the basis of the unique contents to a large extent. It is very much necessary to post engaging contents in the websites for enhancing the popularity of the websites. Moreover, the guest blogging posts are quite effective in attracting the users towards the contents. So, availing the Guest Blogging Services for the companies is an effective strategy for the promotion of the websites in a quality manner.

These factors are mainly responsible for the rankings of the websites in a worthy manner. Effectively using the tools and the strategies related to the factors could revolutionize the SEO ranks of the website in a whole new manner.

4. Things to Focus on While Building a Link:

There are quite a number of factors which must be focussed on in a quality manner to develop a proper link for a website. The first and foremost criteria in the development of the links for a website is the trustworthy nature of the links. Needless to say that the links need to be effective and attractive in terms of clients and users. This would result in a positive manner in the enhancement of the traffic ratios of the website. Thus, link-building is quite a difficult procedure, and it requires utmost focus and dedication for the development of a proper link for a website.

5. Identification of the Paid Links by Google:

The paid links are sometimes identified by the complex algorithms of Google. This results in a manner that most of the spam based links are omitted or removed by Google to enhance the quality of the experience of the users. However, it creates a negative impact on the websites of the companies bearing these paid links. They face a major downfall in their SEO ranks and their traffic ratios too. Basically, the links that do not pass the PageRank are termed to be spammed links by Google. So, with the development and advancement in the structure and algorithms of Google, more challenges are being faced by the companies as well as the link building services.

6. The War Between Google and Links:

Since the development in the algorithms and the updates of Google, more and more limitations are imposed on the link based services. However, the links continue to be the backbone of a website, and Google mainly focuses on the contents and the other factors related to SEO rather than just the backlinks. So, it is quite justifiable that both the complex algorithms of Google and the links are in the race for assisting the company websites to better rankings. Both are integral parts of digital marketing, and the website developers have to maintain a balance between these two aspects for developing the perfect website.

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