What To Look For In Real Estate SEO Services? A Complete Walkthrough For Realtors



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Just like a real estate agency highlights the quintessential picks of homes for their clientele, SEO does highlight the service providers on the Search Engines Results Page (SERP). Real estate SEO services ensure that your site does rank on SERP when a user is looking around for real estate services in a particular location.

In present times, when competition is so cut-throat, overlooking the indispensability of SEO can make your business stand in deep waters.

When it comes to searching for a house property or real estate broker/agent, over 42% of people turn their faces towards the internet. That’s why real estate SEO services become inescapable for realtors. Whether you’re an old-established real estate enterprise or a newbie in this sector, real estate SEO services can do wonders for you. How? Well, give this article a read to know it for yourself.

  • In the past decade, online searches for real estate services have upturned by more than 500%. This indicates an enormous behaviour shift in people’s way of approaching real estate agents/dealers.
  • Over 92% of people opt for Google while searching for real estate services that give realtors major SEO goals.

That’s why skipping on real estate SEO services isn’t a smart choice.

Why Do You Need To Invest In Real Estate SEO Services?

Searching for a home for your client that fits bit by bit to their definition of perfect or coming across a suitable client for an on-sale property is no piece of cake. And, who knows it better than a real estate service provider, right?

The same goes for the person who is either looking for a property or is trying to put their accommodation on sale or rent. Then, that person searches for a real estate agency or service provider who can make him/her sail through this without many hefts. And, if your website is optimally optimized, then bingo! There is a chance that the person picks you for their dealing, and that’s exactly what you needed to achieve in the first place.

Search engines follow a certain set of rules that come under the blanket of ‘algorithms.’ Now understanding search engine algorithms isn’t a duck soup in the first place. Bing, Google, Firefox, etc., follow complex and multiplex algorithms when they rank websites or pages. Since most users don’t look beyond the first or second page of the SERP, it becomes important to rank higher.

Also, these algorithms keep on evolving with time which is the reason that keeping up with them is a biting a bullet kind of task. That’s why most realtors opt for real estate SEO services.

Going for real estate SEO services ensures the formulation of strategy with a professional and experienced approach which cuts down the hurdles and ensures that everything goes without a hitch.

Benefits Of Real Estate SEO Services

As a real estate enterprise or agent who is striving to amp up its SEO game, being listed on Google and having a website in place are the foremost steps that you have to take.

  • Increases Your Business Visibility:

Today, more and more firms are trying to be visibly listed on the first page of a search engine. Even if it demands them to go the whole nine yards, they do so. And this is implausible without SEO. Search engine optimization is the only go-to-option for businesses to get displayed over the shelf of online searches.

  • Take Your Business Ahead In The Race:

It’s not just you who is trying your fingers to bones to get superior rankings on search engines. This makes it indispensable to imply the best SEO techniques that can actually provide real estate businesses with long-term benefits.

  • Best Way To Get Organic Traffic:

Increased website traffic, that too, without spending on paid ads, sounds just fantastic. And SEO can do it for your business. Recent trends in the real estate industry show that 65% of the house buyers and sellers that have approached the brokers found them without coming across a paid ad.

  • Boost Your Local Branding Strategy:

As for a real estate agency, targeting local audiences has to be your major goal. Local SEO can help you with this. At the same time, it also saves your money from burning on ads outside your geographical area.

Local SEO Is Must For Real Estate Agencies/Service Providers

As a real estate service provider or agency, do you think it’s a smart choice to target a wide base of audience globally? Don’t you think it would be more optimum to go for the nearby audience if you’re not a tycoon in this industry? After all, no name gets established in one day, right? That’s why Local SEO has full to bursting opportunities for real estate service providers/agencies to be highly visible and should be the core of real estate SEO services.

Techniques such as getting a Google Business Profile listing are imperative when you go for real estate SEO services. When your business is listed in Google Local Pack, people will come across it just as they search for related services first.

When a person looks for a real estate agent or a service provider, their search is compiled in an area of close proximity to their location, which is another reason that services like Google Maps are also an avant-garde method to be enlisted on SERP.

Also, where paid ads are also effective in driving sales, organic search results garner more desired rankings. Advertising campaigns can oft-times result in investing huge amounts in real estate SEO services. Thus, while one shouldn’t entirely live off it, utilization of local real estate SEO services can’t be left out.

Below, we’ll discuss key aspects that have to be included in the checklist while opting for real estate SEO services.

Tips To Optimize SEO For Real Estate Agency/Service Providers

Perceiving real estate SEO services as merely a game of adding phrases or keywords is a blunder. In fact, SEO goes much deeper than what it is thought of. Below are some tips that will elaborate on how broad the horizons of real estate SEO services are. Scroll down a little to know about that…..

When you invest in real estate SEO services, there are three major categories that get worked upon:

  1. On-Page SEO Factors
  2. Off-Page SEO Factors, and
  3. Technical SEO Factors

Real Estate SEO Services: On-Page SEO Factors

Simply put, On-Page SEO emphasizes on giving your website a total 360-degree revamp by improving it for the best so that it gets optimally ranked on search engines. The below-stated tips can optimize On-Page SEO for realtors:

  • Website Auditing Will Give You Direction

Before you set your foot forth in this direction, it must be reckoned where to start and what areas require improvements. Website auditing will disclose the shortcomings of your website and web pages that hamper your website’s overall ranking.

Website auditing requires proper attention to a plethora of aspects such as sitemap, canonical errors, broken links, website speed, page titles and description, etc. Thus, all the aspects of on-page search engine optimization are deeply analyzed while performing a website audit.

  • Mobile-Friendly And Compatible Website

How would you feel if you came across a website where the tabs and content overlap each other or where the content isn’t properly displayed? You will certainly not feel like spending even less than a minute on it, right? That’s why you should work upon your website’s compatibility so that a visitor doesn’t come across any troubles while he/she is on your website.

A website has to be mobile-friendly because 53% of business enquiries are made from mobile devices, and search engines like Google also won’t make your website appear in searches if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

If you’re perplexed as to what all facets to consider and how to make your website SEO-friendly, then consider opting for real estate SEO services.

  • Page-Speed Optimization

Beating your head around a website or web page that takes more than reasonable time to load is nobody’s first choice in today’s fast-paced life. Expecting patience from the visitors is not feasible here.

Ideally, a web page must get loaded between 1 to 3 seconds. Your website or web pages have to function efficiently so as to decrease the bounce rate. Otherwise, a potential client will not even spare a minute or two on your website, let alone joining hands for a business deal with you.

  • Keep User-Friendliness In Mind

One of the major benefits of opting for real estate SEO services lies in focusing on the ‘user approach.’ Your website has to be functional, distinctive, yet easy to navigate. This is so because users prefer easy usability over complex design. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you need not make your website presentable.

Eye-catching graphics and CTA buttons/tabs are the essences of a website. Make sure you don’t put up all the information in one place. Though many enterprises go for a single-page website, a multi-page website presents your content and graphics as neat as a new pin. Plus to that, such a format also ensures that the user doesn’t get perplexed and gets what they are actually looking for spick and span.

  • Target Appropriate Keywords

Being in the real estate industry, the realtors have to serve the distinctive needs of the customers. While some need rental accommodations, others look for a simple yet amenity-equipped cottage or farmhouse. This arises the need to pick a specific set of keywords or key phrases that too from the user’s perspective.

Keyword selection determines the impact on the set target audience base. Consider this example, someone searching for a home or rented accommodation in Delhi will look for ‘Rental Accommodation In Delhi’ or ‘House Amenities In Delhi.’ This indicates that you have to be specific with regard to a place altogether with the requirements of your client. This is also imperative to watch out for since not all clients look for one or the same type of facility.

It must be noted that keywords can’t be placed wherever one may feel like. Doing so, you would end up in deep waters because instead of highlighting your website, Google will penalize it under the charge of keyword stuffing. So diligent integration of keywords has to be done in content and page titles, headings, meta tags and descriptions. You can also use keywords while describing a particular property.

Long-tail keywords are an optimum pick for a real estate agency or service provider if looking for reaping over-the-edge advantages from real estate SEO services as they aren’t enormously competitive and, at the same time, have higher search volume, which means a golden chance for ranking among local searches. There are a plethora of tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, that can chip in with keyword planning.

  • Maintain A Blog Section

If you are aware that blogs are an exquisite way to integrate a plethora of keywords into your website content, there are bright chances that you already must be doing so. Obviously, you can’t overdo content on your website’s home page or even an introductory service page. That’s why you will find every other website with a separate blog section in present times.

Also, maintaining a blog section opens the doors to a hub of opportunities for getting insight into potential leads. Wondering how? See, as a real estate service provider/agency, you have a wide range of diverse audiences to cover within a set location, and every other client has a distinctive set of demands. Now when you have a separate blog section on your site, you can provide content on ‘n’ number of topics that revolve around your niche.

If it looks like a troublesome task, you can join hands with a digital marketing agency that offers real estate SEO services.

  • Fix Broken Links

Another on-page factor that accounts for making it painstaking to rank among top real estate searches is not fixing the broken links. When a visitor clicks on a link on your website and instead of directing them to a new page, it reads ‘404 Error’ or ‘Page Can’t Be Found,’ then it’s high time to look into it and resolve this issue.

Broken links must be fixed or else should be expelled as they degrade your brand image in the eyes of the visitors.

  • Image & Graphics Optimization

Images and videos have an indispensable role to play in any industry, let alone the real estate industry. That’s why one must not shy away from taking real estate SEO services to optimize image and graphics optimization because overlooking it will take all your efforts in vain.

When you put-up images of a house or property to showcase to your prospective buyers, they have to be optimized beforehand for search engines first. This is so because only if your images, videos or any graphic format is optimized it will be acknowledged by the search engine. Again, algorithms are to blame here.

Search engines don’t read the image content. Its language is just alienated to them. But yes, they are familiar with one thing, i.e., ‘Alt Tags.’ Alt tags make images crawlable and readable for search engines so that they can index and rank them when a user enters a relevant search query in the search box.

Proper allotment of tags in place ensures that your visual content would also rank on search engines which is a great way to get your overall content to rank well. That’s why social media marketing and social media optimization are crucial components of real estate SEO services.

  • SSL Security

If you’ve ever noticed, most websites these days do have a URL starting with ‘https:,’ this indicates that it is encrypted with an SSL security certificate.


What To Look For In Real Estate SEO Services? A Complete Walkthrough For Realtors


Netizens are well-aware of the fact that there are uncountable risks associated with online surfing. That’s why they tend to be more inclined toward websites with SSL security certificates.

Not just that, even search engines like Google also allot higher rankings to such websites, which do have SSL security code embedded in them.

Getting websites embedded with SSL is quite a common trend today because no one wants to degrade their site’s credibility in their audience’s eyes. If a site isn’t encrypted with SSL protocol, it creates a negative brand image in the eyes of your audience.

Thus, SSL isn’t just imperative for any specific site now. In fact, every other corporation that has a website invests in it right from the very beginning as it ensures that clients’ data remain safe from any potential threat.

  • Canonical Links

Canonical link errors often lead to diminished rankings. This happens when you have different unstructured URLs for your site or a single web page. They make search engines perplexed, and they can’t recognize your website.

Many times visitors who come over to your website use different methods of searching you on the search engines. For instance, some will type just your website name on the search engine, some will add ‘.com’ after it and then search for it, while others might type ‘.in’ at the end of your site, or even people type just half of your website name. Now when you have unstructured links, this will make it a biting a bullet kind of task for search engines to recognize you in the first place. That means your website or a web page won’t get indexed; consequently, it will not rank. Then, how come anyone finds it?

Therefore, you must fix this issue for a better ranking of your website, especially because in the real estate industry, most corporations can have identical or similar names. If canonical errors don’t get worked upon, it will make it hard for people to come across your website. That’s another reason opting for real estate SEO services can help you rank better since it ensures that no single aspect gets overlooked, no matter how meagre it is.

Real Estate SEO Services: Off-Page SEO Factors

Contrary to on-page SEO, which revolves around improvising your own website, off-Page SEO looks past your website and strengthens your website’s ranking by performing certain activities outside your website.

To put it in simple words, off-page SEO will introduce you to the search engines and visitors on platforms and sites other than your own website.

These tips and tactics can assist you in acing the SEO game for realtors:

  • Google Business Profile Listing Is Inevitable:

As we already discussed earlier in this article, Google is the choice of over 92% of people for browsing. It makes it quite clear that your business has to be on Google Business Profile (GBP).

Statistically speaking, businesses raked in more than 50% of business conversions from GBP listings, even if they didn’t have a website. This implies how inevitable the role GBP plays in escalating your brand name, visibility and, eventually, your revenues.

  • Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to advertise your brand name, and it’s not just a bluff. In fact, over 53% of netizens turn to social media platforms to get purchase suggestions. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter are among the most popular social media sites or platforms that have full potential to shout about your business across your target audience base.

Social media platforms are profuse with a plethora of ad-creation tools that can upturn your social media ad campaigns by providing a plethora of ad types (collection ads, catalogue ads, story ads, etc.) and sharing them with the appropriate audience base.

What To Look For In Real Estate SEO Services? A Complete Walkthrough For Realtors


For a real estate agency/service provider, these platforms are no less than an open catalogue that supports both images and video formats. A number of such enterprises are already using these platforms to mark an impression in the eyes of their audience. Paid ads provide additional leverages to encapture a fresh audience base.

  • Citations

Search engines give a higher ranking to quality links and authoritative link-building mechanisms. Thus, getting backlinks is an integral component of search engine rankings. But there is one crucial aspect about this to which most people turn a blind eye, and that is- relevancy.

Making backlinks and providing business citations on websites which are relevant to your niche thus becomes imperative, as search engines oftentimes do not consider a site legitimate or worthy to be ranked if the links are built on irrelevant platforms or sites.

As a real estate service provider or agency, being listed on such websites that provide people with a list of real estate companies or agencies, or even brokers can be quite quintessential. This can hit two goals with one arrow: first, you can redirect people to your website, and second, you get acknowledged in the eyes of search engines as well.

  • Reviews & Ratings

Before contacting a company, people go through its reviews and ratings. And since they have to pay brokerage to the real estate agency or service provider, there is no chance one will overlook that. Now, what good do these do for a real estate business? People are inclined towards them and trust them, which is the reason they are so imperative. If your client gets satisfactory service from you, their review will garner multiple clients for you.

Real Estate SEO Services: Technical SEO Factors 

Technical SEO is that part that can’t be left out while talking about real estate SEO services. It has three major components that determine whether or not your website will rank on the search engine, and if it does, how well it will rank. Scroll down a little to understand it…..

  • Crawling: Crawlers or spiders are what we call robots that deliver a site’s information to search engines. Thus, crawling involves using links to make search engines aware of our website and content. If search engines aren’t able to crawl your data, it means there is no chance your website will get ranked at all.
  • Indexing:  After the data is crawled, search engines store them for further analysis. This means that the search engine has come across your data, and if it has been indexed, chances are it will rank on the search engine.
  • Ranking: Now comes the final part- ranking. Once your data has been crawled and indexed by the search engines, it gets a final lookout from the search engines for what rank would be allotted to them.

Thus, while on-page and off-page factors are crucial to real estate SEO services, it must not be forgotten that not caring enough for technical SEO factors can make your business stand in deep waters.

Mind Mingles’ Real Estate SEO Services For Real Estate Enterprises/Firms & Realtors

Real estate SEO is not a piece of cake, right? But nothing to fret over because we are always up for you if you need real estate SEO services.

Mind Mingles’ real estate SEO services are designed to fit the needs of real estate agencies/service providers bit by bit. We ensure optimum budgetary allocations and utilize them in a way that will make it a win-win scenario for you.

We understand that it’s not a walk in the park to beat the competition and stay ahead in the real estate industry, and with years of experience, we are aware of the ends that can’t be left loose. Our team can assist you at any stage of real estate SEO services be it developing a website, crafting avant-garde content or optimizing the overall visibility game with social media optimization services.

Call us today and amp up your business visibility with our real estate SEO services.

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